Is it 2009 or 1984?

March 12, 2009

Two days ago the federal government unveiled its climate change legislation. Here’s a few things I bet you didn’t know about it.

The Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Bill (all 374 pages of it) says if you’re suspected of emitting too much carbon:

Do suspected terrorists now have more rights than carbon emitters?

But wait…there’s more! Your right to privacy has also been abolished. The government can pass on private information about you to practically anyone it wants, including foreign governments (clause 48-1(r)), and the United Nations (clause 48-1(s)). (This bit is in another piece of legislation – the fantastically named Australian Climate Change Regulatory Authority Bill.)

Don’t take my word for it. Read it yourself here.

The legislation isn’t just draconian. It’s Orwellian. Maybe MPs haven’t actually read the legislation. Or (and this is more frightening) maybe they have read it and they don’t care.

After all of this let me cheer you up. Ayn Rand is making a comeback! Here’s an interesting piece published this week from of all places, Britain’s most left-leaning newspaper The Guardian.

And remember Arthur Laffer? The ‘father of Reaganomics’ and the ‘Laffer curve’? He’s still going strong. Here he is being interviewed on Bloomberg on Monday about the economic crisis (the clip is about 7 minutes long.)

If you want to know what the IPA thinks of executive salaries and the confected outrage over Pacific Brands you can read me in the Australian Financial Review or Julie Novak on ABC Unleashed. If you want to know why state governments should cut taxes read the IPA in The Age from Tuesday or today’s The Australian. And finally if you want to know why we should all relocate to New Zealand read Professor Tony Makin’s piece in The Australian from yesterday.

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