The stimulus: just how big is it?

March 26, 2009

No wonder Kevin Rudd got such an enthusiastic reception in Washington. Given our size, he’s spending nearly as much money as Barack Obama.

The Rudd government also spent this week talking about how good its new FOI laws are. What they didn’t tell you was:

If you think we’ve been a bit hard on Barack Obama lately, you can relax.

This week we’re picking on Gordon Brown instead. On Tuesday there was this fantastic speech (it’s three minutes long) by a British MEP in the European Parliament. Even better – you’ll see that Gordon Brown had to sit in the chamber and cop the whole thing.

Worried about the new protectionism? The IPA is co-sponsoring an international petition supporting free trade. You can show your support here.

Finally, you can read my piece from the Australian Financial Review last week about the real purpose of our PM’s overseas jaunts. And in the Herald Sun, Alan Moran talked about why a solution to the crisis is further away than ever.

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