Krazy Kevin’s Closing Down Sale

May 8, 2009

The Australian economy will shrink next year by an estimated 1%.

Yet according to the IPA’s Julie Novak revenue to state governments will increase by 6%.

So where’s the money coming from? Kevin Rudd’s borrowing it – so he can bail out state Labor governments. The story made the front page of The Australian on Monday following the release of this IPA report.

On the topic of spending – ‘Krazy Kevin Rudd’s Closing Down Sale‘ is very amusing.

The IPA wasn’t surprised that the government backed down on the ETS. All along we’ve been saying the ETS is a bad idea. We said this yesterday – this 12 months ago – and this more than 12 years ago.

Monday was the 30th anniversary of Margaret Thatcher becoming PM. One of the best pieces about it was Boris Johnson’s.

The IPA reaches far and wide. The other day we entered the debate on whether Abu Dhabi should build a new capital city. Three years ago the IPA Review did a cover story on ‘Australia’s 13 Biggest Mistakes‘ – not surprisingly Canberra was on the list. Abu Dhabi now has to work out whether it wants a capital like Canberra!

In the Business Age, Julie Novak analysed Tuesday’s Victorian budget. Last Friday in the Australian Financial Review, I talked about where neo-liberalism goes next, and in the Wall Street Journal Asia Tim Wilson had a free market perspective on the swine flu.

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