Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ban

July 23, 2009

I’m just back from an exciting FreedomFest conference in Vegas.

Australians complain our politicians don’t spend enough time in parliament. You can see here how the number of Senate sitting days has gone from 80 in 1991 to 50 last year.

At FreedomFest I heard how Americans are trying to stop politicians from spending too much time making laws! In Nevada there’s a constitutional ban on the legislature sitting more than 4 months every two years. (It’s in Article 4, Section 2)

And guess what happens to the stockmarket when politicians aren’t making laws? Yep – you’re right:

At FreedomFest I enjoyed Charles Murray’s address (a version is here). Here’s a video of Murray: why university is a waste of time. I also heard the excellent Wayne Root, 2008 Libertarian Party Vice-Presidential candidate. He talks about his new book here. (Watch it, it’s really good!)

And do you think I go on about the Nanny State too much? Here’s why I care – in England last week they banned Chitty Chitty Bang Bang from a parade! And on Tuesday Terry McCrann talked about the Nanny State and house auctions.

On Monday the IPA’s Julie Novak released an important paper on school vouchers. Here’s the editorial from The Australian about it. In the Sunday Age, Chris Berg wrote about this week’s big issue – Masterchef! And Alan Moran talked about book imports in the Australian Financial Review.

PS If you’re in Melbourne you should try to see the John Brack exhibition at the National Gallery in Victoria. In the forthcoming IPA Review, Tim Wilson writes about how John Brack was an unusual artist – he didn’t hate the middle class. The exhibition ends on August 9.

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