Charlize Theron & Angelina Jolie love Ayn Rand

August 6, 2009

Charlize Theron could be making a movie of Atlas Shrugged! She’s not the only Ayn Rand fan in Hollywood. According to this piece posted today there’s also Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Vince Vaughn. This now famous Wall Street Journal article talks about Rand’s relevance today.

The Auditor-General slammed how Treasury managed the OzCar scheme. No-one should be surprised.  After all the Immigration Department still thinks Australia is suffering from a critical shortage of historians, journalists, and even futures traders.

The vote on the government’s emissions trading scheme is less than a week away. Michael Kroger explains why Australia should wait.

Usually the Nanny State is about government stopping you from doing something.  So here’s a twist.  In Boroondara in Melbourne residents are being told they MUST vote on a local Indian restaurant getting a liquor licence. Voting is COMPULSORY.  If you don’t care whether beers come with the rogan josh and don’t vote you get fined $77.40.

This sort of behaviour isn’t new.  The IPA’s Richard Allsop has written this handy guide to the history of the Nanny State in the next IPA Review.

To cheer you up: ‘U.S. Government Stages Fake Coup To Wipe Out National Debt.’

In the Sydney Morning Herald, Chris Berg wrote about the failure of the broadband plan.  In ABC Unleashed, Julie Novak analysed Queensland’s corruption, and on ABC News Online, Tim Wilson defended free trade.

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