A real bill of rights that really protects your real rights

August 27, 2009

Should Australia have a bill of rights? The debate is hotting up. Today former PM John Howard explains why he thinks we shouldn’t, while lawyer Geoffrey Robertson thinks we should, because lots of other countries have bills of rights.

But what if we had a “free market” bill of rights? Rights like:

People in other countries have some of these rights – so if you follow Geoffrey Robertson’s argument we should too! (The IPA is launching its own free market bill of rights in a few weeks.)

Hey… introduced you to Tory MEP Dan Hannan a few months ago – with that famous video. Here is Dan on Reason.tv a few days ago talking about how it became an international sensation. And if you’re a real Hannan fan read how this Reason.tv video got him into more trouble.

In this exclusive IPA paper, Edmund Kirkcaldy challenges the notion that government spending helps the economy – and what a bunch of Nobel Prize winners say about it. And Tony Makin had this important oped on the failure of Keynesianism in The Australian yesterday.

Do you watch Pajamas TV? I enjoyed Bill Whittle’s video this week about health care protests in America, political correctness, and the media. (It’s not for – but I like it a lot. And if you’ve ever asked yourself what the heck is “critical theory”??? – Whittle will answer all your questions!)

In the Sunday Age, Chris Berg writes that kids aren’t consumers, their parents are. In the Australian Financial Review, I discussed the fallacy of ‘renewable’ energy targets. And Alan Moran says that we will pay the price for deficits, in the Herald Sun.

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