From Failed State to Nanny State

August 13, 2009

Corruption is not Queensland’s only problem. This graph is from some new research by the IPA’s Julie Novak:


A few hours ago the Senate rejected the ETS legislation. This is the letter I sent to every senator yesterday.
The Sydney Morning Herald this week looked at which MPs talk the longest. Alex Robson has calculated at the current rate ministers will end up answering around 15% fewer questions in Question Time this year than last year! (Alex’s research will be released next week.)
You’d know Freakonomics – it’s sold 3 million copies. (Here’s Chris Berg’s review.) If you’re a parent you’ll be interested in this video of how one of the authors, Professor Steven Levitt of the University of Chicago, brings up his children. 

And just what Iraq needs: a Nanny State. This is from the Washington Post last Friday.
In the Australian Financial Review I talked about the real lesson of the OzCar affair. In the Sunday Age Chris Berg wrote about the myth of green jobs, and in the Herald Sun Alan Moran analysed the impact of the ETS. 

PS – I’ve got some exciting news! To coincide with the upcoming release of 100 Great Books of Liberty published by Connor Court Publishing, the IPA is starting a fortnightly series of lunchtime lectures – ‘The Great Books at the IPA’. If you’re in Melbourne you can book here. If you don’t live within 100 kms of Melbourne don’t worry: in 2010 we’ll be taking the lectures nationwide.

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