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August 20, 2009

There’s been lots of media attention on the 30 pages of legislation about renewable energy targets. What if there was that much attention paid to the 3,000 pages of legislation already passed this year, or the 4,000 pages of draft legislation?

Here’s some research the IPA has just finished.

Ken Henry, the Treasury secretary, yesterday floated the idea of the states getting back the power to levy income taxes. Which is exactly what the IPA has been saying! Here’s Professor Sinclair Davidson telling the Senate Select Committee on State Government Financial Management last year about it (scroll to page 24).

And in some sad news Rose Friedman, wife and collaborator of Milton Friedman, passed away on Tuesday. The New York Times has this tribute. (This was the IPA’s tribute to Milton in 2006.)

But the freedom-loving spirit of Milton and Rose lives on. A few days ago Dan Hannan created a trans-Atlantic furore when he said on Fox News the NHS was a mistake (watch the video).

From the Nanny State files – Drew Carey has a great video at Reason.tv about banning bacon hotdogs (it’s 7 minutes long – but it’s pretty funny).

In The Australian on Tuesday the IPA’s Julie Novak demolished ‘Nudge’ theory. You’ll be hearing a lot more about ‘Nudge’ in the years ahead: The Washington Post has a good introduction.

The IPA Review with Reagan and Gorby on the cover has just hit the newsstands. It includes this article on that rare category of Australian films – those made without taxpayer assistance!

PS Don’t miss out on your tickets to The Great Books at the IPA.

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