3 Day Happy Hour!

September 10, 2009

Kevin Rudd says his $42 billion stimulus saved Australia.

But did it? The US had a bigger stimulus – and they’re doing worse! Here’s what we’ve pulled together.

Perhaps there are other factors at play. What about the budget surplus Rudd inherited? (Which he’s blown!)

Workplace reforms made an impact too – so what does the PM do? He re-regulates jobs. I explained how in my Australian Financial Review column on Friday, as did Alan Wood in The Australian today.

Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman’s 6,700 word essay in the New York Times Magazine last week has America talking. The Atlantic has a good rundown of the debate.

Here’s a new Nanny State classic. Edinburgh last week forced pubs to hold prices steady for 72 hours – supposedly to stop “happy hours”. The result? A three day happy hour!

If you’re into the French Revolution, Edmund Burke, and Wordsworth – this is a good piece from the latest edition of New York’s City Journal.

The IPA’s Tim Wilson was on ABC TV’s Q&A (watch it here). I’m on next Thursday – if you want to be in the audience click here. And the IPA lecture by Pat Michaels, a climate change expert from the Cato Institute, is here.

In The Courier Mail, Julie Novak took on the Nanny State and so did Tim Wilson in The Australian. In The Sunday Age, Chris Berg explained why our gold medals cost too much. The sports mafia is so upset the captain of the Australian rowing team responded today in The Age.

PS: Next week’s Geoffrey Blainey function at the IPA is full. Don’t worry – I’ll get the video to you as soon as possible!

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