A $8,200 tax cut instead of Rudd’s stimulus spending

September 17, 2009

Instead of Kevin Rudd’s stimulus spending what if he gave us all a tax cut? The IPA asked ANU economist Alex Robson to do the calculations. Here’s the results we released this morning:

(Our press release is here, and Alex’s research paper is here. Everybody thinks it’s a great idea – Alex and I have been doing media on it all morning.)

Last week, the IPA’s Professor Sinclair Davidson was in The Economist saying Kevin Rudd’s wrong about the economy.

At last! – someone’s fighting the Nanny State in England. It’s called Big Brother Watch read about it in The Times. (Its Nanny State examples are pretty amazing – a £225 fine for leaving your wheelie bin lid open by four inches!)

And we’re coming up to the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November. To commemorate it get this great IPA t-shirt!

IPA T-Shirt

Want more on the Berlin Wall? I reviewed The Rebellion of Ronald Reagan in the latest IPA Review, and Chris Berg talked about what led to the fall of the Wall.

On Tuesday, Australia’s greatest historian, Geoffrey Blainey told the IPA about why we’re not getting a real education revolution. His speech, at the launch of Mark Lopez’s new book, is in The Australian today, and The Australian editorial on it is here.

Today Richard Allsop was in Online Opinion arguing public transport works better when it’s privatised. On ABC’s Counterpoint, Dean Bertram talks about his IPA Review article on why so many Australian films are terrible. Read his article here.

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