“Actually, I am a taxpayer. I will ask questions too.”

September 24, 2009

Today’s media is full of Treasury boss Ken Henry saying the stimulus package saved Australia. But:

So who’s standing up for taxpayers? The IPA’s Professor Sinclair Davidson said this to government senator Doug Cameron at Monday’s parliamentary inquiry into the stimulus.

Prof. Davidson – We have a constitution that actually has states that make decisions about these things. You do represent the states, don’t you?
Senator CAMERON – I am here to ask the questions, not you.
Prof. Davidson – Actually, I am a taxpayer. I will ask questions too.
Senator CAMERON – You will not ask me any questions. I will be asking the questions, thanks very much.

Ever been interrupted by a kid at your front door selling chocolate bars raising money for their sports club or Scouts or Guides? If you’re in Maroondah in Melbourne don’t worry. The kid will now be breaking the law if they don’t have a council licence. And garage sales? They’re banned too without a licence.

Last week even the left-wing website Slate had enough of the Nanny State.

Next time someone complains about ‘consumerism’ get them to watch this great clip of Richard E Grant from the 1989 movie How to Get Ahead in Advertising. It is very, very funny. But WARNING – it does have swear words…

I was on ABC’s Q and A last Thursday with author, Thomas Keneally. (The interesting bit about the History Wars is about 24 minutes in.) And on Lateline last Friday, IPA director Michael Kroger talked about politics, the ETS, and industrial relations.

In The Australian today, Tim Wilson examined the farce of the Copenhagen meeting on climate change, while John Pesutto in the AFR revealed problems in the government’s ‘FairWork’ laws. Yesterday in the Courier Mail Julie Novak warned of the price tag of the stimulus. Chris Berg defended drinking alcohol in The Sunday Age, on Saturday Alan Moran in the Herald Sun said energy is not getting cheap soon, and on Friday in the AFR I asked why people like big government.

PS – We’ve had lots of requests for the video of Geoffrey Blainey’s talk last week – here it is.

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