Rudd’s 122 steps to a Nanny State

September 3, 2009

So this is what the Nanny State looks like. There are 122 recommendations from Kevin Rudd’s ‘National Preventative Health Taskforce‘ released on Tuesday, including:

· 26 new laws,
· 18 new “frameworks” and programs,
· and 7 new bureaucracies.

We’ve compiled the full list of the Taskforce’s crazy ideas. Here’s the craziest:

“Work with industry, health and consumer groups to introduce food labelling on front of pack and menus… and [introduce] a standard serve/portion size within three years.” (click here, page 14)

So in 2012 a Canberra bureaucrat will regulate the size of my chicken parma? This is the IPA press release on the report and here’s what the IPA’s Tim Wilson said about it.

Bureaucrats just can’t stop telling you what to do and how to do it. In Michigan, there’s a government department that even tells you what to do if you spill mercury on your cat! (What if something else happens to your pet?

I liked this from Bloomberg: business management lessons you can learn from the Beatles.

Here’s an important paper by Henry Ergas and Alex Robson on how the government will spend at least $14 billion too much on the broadband network.

We’ve got two videos for you this week: The IPA’s Tim Wilson debated free trade on ACA on Monday. Here’s Sinclair Davidson at the IPA Liberty Sessions last week talking about Mises’ classic Bureaucracy. In The Age today Richard Allsop wrote about public transport privatisation.

PS – if you’re in Melbourne on 15 September come and hear Geoffrey Blainey speaking at the IPA on ‘Australia’s Forgotten Future’ at the launch of Mark Lopez’s new book. Entry is free but you must register.

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