Jeremy Clarkson buys a farm

October 29, 2009

In February last year when inflation was 0.9% Treasurer Wayne Swan blamed the previous government’s policies.

Yesterday’s inflation figure was 1% – will Wayne Swan blame Kevin Rudd’s $90 billion stimulus package?

Look what happened when Jeremy Clarkson bought a farm. It’s from The Sunday Times – it’s very funny.

And last week we found out Paul Keating agrees with the IPA – Canberra was a mistake! Here’s our list of Australia’s 13 Biggest Mistakes from the IPA Review, including:

· Patrick White winning the Nobel Prize
· The 1901 Immigration Restriction Act
· Cane Toads

Not all of this year’s Nobel Prizes were ridiculous. Fox Business News anchor John Stossel explains why the Economics prize showed that free markets work. Stossel is a household name in America. Here he is talking about why politicans can’t save the world.

Janet Albrechtsen had this piece in The Australian yesterday on what’s actually going to happen at the climate change meeting in Copenhagen. You can see Christopher Monckton at the IPA’s climate change conference next month in Melbourne – book here.

And guess who else is a skeptic? Clive James.

Apparently being rich does make you happy! Here’s Tim Wilson’s post on the latest research at the IPA’s new Sustainable Development blog.

In The Australian, the IPA’s Tom Switzer said that the Obama government has declared war against Fox News. And in Spectator Australia, Tom looked at why the government isn’t telling us about the cost of the emissions trading scheme.

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Kevin Rudd’s new $40 million space program

October 22, 2009

Kevin Rudd denies he was hiding from the media so they could focus instead on the Coalition. (Here’s what I said in last Friday’s Australian Financial Review.)

But don’t think government spending and regulating has stopped:

The IPA’s Julie Novak wrote about this new Nanny State Agency in the Punch on Tuesday, and Miranda Devine did this great piece today in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Here’s that video of ABC’s Virginia Trioli claiming Barnaby Joyce is crazy. Here’s his brilliant response. You can see Barnaby in person when he launches the Lavoisier Group’s new book on climate change in Melbourne on November 4. We’re having a major international conference on the economics of climate change in Melbourne on November 10.

From the Nanny State files is this week’s story from Queensland. If you don’t lock your car you’ll be fined $40? It’s true. And can you believe this from The Age today: you can’t even choose who you go on holiday with!

The front page of Saturday’s Weekend Australian featured IPA research on how state government bureaucracy has grown by nearly 30% since 2000 – here’s the editorial and Julie’s oped.

In the Saturday Herald Sun, Alan Moran wrote on climate change credibility. In the Sunday Age Chris Berg analysed asylum seeker policies, and yesterday in The National Times Carolyn Popp wrote about why McDonald’s should sponsor schools.

PS. Last week in Taiwan I was talking about democracy in Asia. Here’s a summary, and an article about it from the China Post.

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Light Bulbs vs. The Nanny State

October 15, 2009

Treasury said in May the economy would’ve shrunk 3.2% without Kevin Rudd’s stimulus. Now it’s saying it would have only shrunk 1.3%. Michael Stutchbury explains in today’s Australian.

So the recession we “had to have” was worse than the recession we “had to fix”? (We’re spending $97 billion trying!)

And does this look to you like the “end of neo-liberalism”?

Last month Hey… featured Professor Sinclair Davidson criticising the stimulus at the Senate Economics Committee. Everyone seemed to love it! His line that RBA head Glenn Stevens is a government employee is now pop culture! See this great Clarke & Dawe video from last Thursday’s 7:30 Report. (Government senator Doug Cameron quizzed Stevens about Sinclair’s argument, see page 28.)

Everybody’s talking about this – last Friday the BBC asked “what happened to global warming?” Yesterday the Daily Mail asked the same thing, and in September the New York Times wondered how cooling will impact Copenhagen.

For the Nanny State files: you won’t be able to buy incandescent light bulbs in shops after this month! Around the world, they’re banning Thomas Edison’s invention. This is a bad thing: watch this new video from Reason. (I really enjoyed this video on a Cuban punk rocker dissident.)

In the Courier Mail, Julie Novak writes spending isn’t stimulating. In Crikey Sinclair Davidson takes apart Ross Gittins’ claim that “libertarians” are to blame for the crisis. (Gittins’ article is here.) And if you’ve missed recent Liberty Sessions: watch the videos! Here’s Senator Scott Ryan on The Federalist Papers, and Duncan McGauchie on Whittaker Chambers’ Witness.

PS: John Roskam is in Taiwan this week talking about democracy in Asia. He’ll be back next week.

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You’d make more as a bureaucrat

October 8, 2009

Did you see Malcolm Turnbull’s press conference this morning? He wants to cut the size of the Federal Government by about 12.5%. Good.

So here’s something that anyone who wants to cut the size of government will have to face:

Barack Obama’s health reforms have turned into a battle of video clips. Here’s the Will Ferrell video everyone in America is talking about. And two responses – here and here. (Each video is around 4 mins long. If you’ve got time watch them – they say a lot about American politics.)

Today the government released its National Human Rights Consultation Report. Want to know what we think? Click here and here.

In Adelaide, they want to ban chewing gum. (Why? Do they really want to make South Australia as boring as Singapore?) Last Friday’s New York Times reported cake stalls have been just about eliminated. And in this week’s Sunday Age the IPA’s Chris Berg writes about how your garage sale is probably breaking the law.

The Cato Institute has this new Penn & Teller video on how much work you have to do to pay your tax. I saw Penn & Teller at FreedomFest in Las Vegas a few months ago. Here they are on global warming (it’s 30 mins, but worth it!) – and they had this famous scene in The West Wing.

Yesterday, Sinclair Davidson talked about stimulus package failure in The Australian. In The Age Julie Novak showed we can reduce unemployment. On Monday, in the Australian Financial Review Alan Moran found flaws in the ETS. And last Friday, I wrote in the Australian Financial Review about the hypocrisy of business.

P.S. Next week’s Hey… will be from Chris Berg. I’ll be in Taiwan speaking at a conference on democracy in Asia.

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