November 19, 2009

Yesterday Nanny State activists demanded Kevin Rudd raise the drinking age to 21. This follows similar calls in Britain.

Look at what Britain has now turned into:

And my favourite! A local council used anti-terror laws to catch someone who pruned a tree without a permit.

I don’t make this stuff up – it’s all from the last few weeks. No surprise 80% of British people think they’re now less free.

To top it all off – British taxes are going up because the country’s nearly broke. In Monday’s Daily Telegraph Boris Johnson complained that Britain is forcing its rich to leave. (You know U2 are Irish tax exiles?)

Given all of this, it’s a bit rich for the new UK High Commissioner to Canberra to preach to Australians about climate change – here’s Gerard Henderson’s perceptive article from Tuesday’s Sydney Morning Herald.

Exactly what is happening in Britain? Prospect magazine explains.

In Friday’s Australian Financial Review, I asked why Kevin Rudd can’t bring himself to reform. In The Australian Alan Moran wrote that authors should be able to get as rich as they can, and in the Australian Financial Review, he looked at the flaws in the government’s ETS. In The Sunday Age, Chris Berg asked why anybody thinks Canberra can do things better.

PS: An important new book Lessons from the Global Financial Crisis: The Relevance of Adam Smith on Morality and Free Markets by Richard Morgan will be launched on 2 December in Melbourne. Click here if you’d like to come.

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