You call that a meat axe?

December 3, 2009

Remember how Kevin Rudd said before the 2007 election he was going to take a ‘meat axe‘ to the Canberra public service? Data released last week shows he hasn’t.

No wonder Treasury secretary Ken Henry said on Monday that big government was here to stay.

These two stories have been pretty much ignored by the media. You know what else has been ignored by the Australian media? Climategate! Here’s the latest from this week’s Economist magazine, Monday’s New York Times, and yesterday’s Wall Street Journal. And the academic at the centre of the scandal has just stood down – here’s yesterday’s The Times. Here’s Jon Stewart laughing about it.

In America Climategate has got twenty-five times the publicity it’s got in Australia. It’s even got three times as much publicity in NEW ZEALAND!!!

How do I know? Because this morning I did a google search of ‘Climategate’ by country and I divided the number of mentions I got by each country’s population. Try it for yourself. (Go to the Google search page. Click ‘Advanced Search’, click region, and choose a country to search.)

Two weeks ago I told you about everything that’s wrong with Britain. This is from the latest City Journal about how the US is going down the same path.

I’m starting to get asked about what new books would make good Christmas presents. Here’s some ideas: D-Day: The Battle for Normandy, William Charles Wentworth: Australia’s Greatest Native Son, The Inheritance of Rome: Illuminating the Dark Ages 400-1000, and Gordon Barton: Australia’s maverick entrepreneur.

This is what IPA staff have been writing about this week: Chris Berg argued in the Sunday Age that government should leave the arts alone. Alan Moran said in Saturday’s Herald Sun it is time Rudd reined in spending. While, on Friday, I wrote in the Australian Financial Review that an ETS will change everything, and Julie Novak explained in The Punch the perils of a fat tax.

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