Cliff from ‘Cheers’ changes America

January 21, 2010

Apparently 53% of Australians think the rich should pay more tax – according to a survey from progressive think tank Per Capita released a few days ago. How much more? The survey didn’t say.

But the rich are paying more – and more – tax every year already! The IPA’s Professor Sinclair Davidson has crunched some numbers:


(If you’re interested in tax numbers – it’s all here)

The survey also showed Australians have no idea where their tax money goes. People think 22% of the budget is spent on defence (actually – 5%). People think 26% of the budget is spent on social security (actually – 38%).

And Per Capita had a good idea. Your tax return should tell you what the government spent your money on!!!

In Massachusetts I reckon Scott Brown won on Tuesday because he was endorsed by Cliff from Cheers. Here’s Cliff (John Ratzenberger) talking politics with Neil Cavuto a few months ago – and here’s some classic Cliff.

Brown was also endorsed by football legend Doug Flutie. If you’re a sports fan watch this video on why Flutie is famous in Boston (listen for the fantastic commentary at the 2 minute mark). The IPA’s Tim Wilson had this to say about Massachusetts today in the ABC’s The Drum.

Talking about celebrities – if you’re outside of South Australia you might have missed this. Lance Armstrong gets paid $2 million by South Australian taxpayers and comes out and says Mike Rann should be re-elected!

Oh – and in Victoria as of this morning there’s now a ‘Minister for the Respect Agenda‘. Bizarre.

The conservative intellectual Paul Johnson – you’d know his great book Modern Times – has a new book on Churchill. James Mann reviewed it in the Washington Post. (I reviewed Mann’s book on Ronald Reagan in the November 2009 IPA Review.)

This is what IPA staff have been writing about this week: in The Australian on Monday Tim Wilson looked at the importance of free trade and today Alan Moran said the government should abandon the ETS. Tim was also in the Malaysian New Straits Times on palm oil and sustainability and he covered Copenhagen for India’s Mint newspaper.

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