New Goat Fat Standards

January 14, 2010

While you’ve been on holiday – the government has been working making laws!

Since 1 January, there’s at least 88 new federal regulations scheduled to take effect. (Count them for yourself here.) That’s 6 new regulations every day (There were 394 new regulations last year).

And what are these new regulations about?

Those 88 new regulations don’t include 62 new compilations for regulations effective from 1 January (eg the new Fair Work regulations). And by the way, you know if you employ someone after 1 January and you don’t give them this GOVERNMENT ADVERTISEMENT for the Fair Work laws you could get fined up to $33,000? (See sections 125, 539 and 546 here.)

And here’s some of California’s new laws for 2010 – celebrities are now safe from paparazzi.

Next time someone makes a prediction about new technology give them this from the Wall Street Journal.

You’ve heard of John Stossel? He’s a free market news anchorman in America. He was recently poached by Fox Business News from ABC News and given his own show. Here’s his show on Ayn Rand from last week, and his blog.

Last month I mentioned this Prospect magazine piece on why American TV drama is better than British TV. On Tuesday The Guardian confirmed it with their list of the 50 best TV dramas of all-time.

Here’s a few of the things IPA staff have been doing lately: Chris Berg was on the 7.30 Report on draconian police powers, Tom Switzer was in the Wall Street Journal Asia on climate change, Alan Moran in the Herald Sun on why housing is so expensive, and me in the Australian Financial Review on why government-run banks are a terrible idea.

And finally – Peter Spencer concluded his protest yesterday. Chris Berg in the Sunday Age and Michael Duffy in the Sydney Morning Herald explain the significance of what he was doing.

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