Don’t offend the unreliable

February 4, 2010

The register of Canberra lobbyists was updated a few days ago. This morning I asked IPA researchers to count them! There’s more than 630 lobbyists (at least that’s down from 653 six months ago) working for around 1800 clients.

But what has Australia come to when The Big Issue needs a lobbyist in Canberra?

In the midst of Glaciergate, Climategate, and Polar Beargate here’s a new one – Killer treesgate! (For a moment I thought they were serious.)

On a serious note – the High Court’s decision yesterday in the Kirk case quashing the criminal conviction of a farmer who breached safety laws is a win for liberty. The High Court said the New South Wales laws were unconstitutional. The laws:

Here’s what the IPA’s Ken Phillips has to say about the case in today’s Business Spectator. (We’re particularly pleased – the IPA has been talking about the injustice of the Kirk case since 2006.)

Tuesday was Ayn Rand’s 105th Birthday – here’s’s video on Ayn Rand’s legacy, and here’s a TV interview with her from 1959. And at Cato, David Boaz writes on why Rand is so popular today.

From the Nanny State files: a story last week about what happened in England when an employer advertised for ‘reliable workers’!

Finally – the organisers of the sold-out Christopher Monckton and Ian Plimer tour told me this morning they’ve just added two new dates in Perth (9 Feb) and Sydney (12 Feb). Details here.

Here’s what IPA staff have been talking about this week: on Friday in The Australian Financial Review, I asked why we hadn’t seen the report of the great tax review. In The Australian on Monday, Tim Wilson asked why the ABC needs more power. And on Lateline Business on Tuesday, John Pesutto explained the rise of union power.

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