Jeremy Clarkson on the Nanny Kennel

March 18, 2010

Hey – who knew? Maybe fixing the health system is really easy! On Monday a doctor at Queanbeyan Hospital told Kevin Rudd we just need to channel our inner Castro. The doctor reckons Cuba has ‘exactly the same healthcare indicators as Australia’.

Well… I don’t want to sound too much like a nit-picker, but the “evidence” seems to say something else entirely!

You can look at the World Health Organisation data for yourself here.

And the other socialist paradise? Venezuela’s even worse. The adult mortality rate there is 142 per 1,000 people. But don’t tell Sean Penn! He thinks anybody who calls Hugo Chávez a dictator should go to jail! Here’s an interesting piece from Bloomberg’s BusinessWeek about how Chávez is nationalising supermarkets to create ‘socialist megastores’.

Remember Peter Spencer? He’s the farmer who went on a hunger strike to protest the government taking his property. His case has been referred to the High Court. We’ll keep you posted.

But it’s not all great news for property rights this week – the NSW government wants to force people to sell their homes to developers! This piece in the latest City Journal shows why Sydney shouldn’t go down the New York path. (To be absolutely clear: stealing property is a Bad Thing!)

John Roskam reviewed Paul Kelly’s book about the Howard & Keating governments in December’s IPA Review. But what does John Howard think about Kelly’s book? Read his review in the latest issue of Quadrant.

From the Nanny State files: Last week the British government tried to introduce a dog owner’s tax and licensing system. Jeremy Clarkson ripped it to shreds in The Sunday Times (it’s very funny). And did you see Clarkson’s other great piece in The Australian yesterday?

Here’s what IPA staff have been writing about this week: In The West Australian today Alan Moran said it’s time governments released more land for housing developments. In Friday’s Australian Financial Review John Roskam said big businesses are like state governments. And on the ABC’s The Drum on Tuesday, I wrote that Menzies is no free-market hero.

P.S. Tim Wilson will be on the ABC’s Q&A on Monday night. And John is away today – he’ll be back in the Hey… chair next week.

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