Government rulebook for photographing flowers

April 8, 2010

You know how I told you last week that you need a permit to photograph a tree in a national park in NSW? We’ve since found out there’s a 19 page rulebook to obey.

And to get a photography permit you need to answer more questions (18) than if you want a gun (6)!!! (Because shooting a photo is three times as dangerous as shooting a gun?)

Here’s more on the goldfish that landed a British great-grandmother with a criminal conviction. WARNING – it’s strong. Here’s the IPA’s Tim Wilson on A Current Affair last week about the ridiculousness of needing a permit for Chook Lotto.

But here’s something GOOD that’s happened. The video archive of C-SPAN is available for free on the internet. Jim Kearney talks about all the great videos available. If you’ve got a spare 4 hours take a look. Some of my favourites are:

Here’s Jim’s review of a new HBO drama about Winston Churchill – apparently it’s unmissable.

Michael Crichton died in 2008. He wouldn’t have been surprised by this story from Tuesday’s Der Speigel on how the climate change debate has changed (it’s long, but good).

With ANZAC Day around the corner this piece by Geoffrey Blainey from The Australian yesterday explains why we still care.

Whittaker Chambers, Churchill, and Blainey are all in a brand new book from the IPA – 100 Great Books of Liberty (Plato, Locke, Burke, and Hayek are all in there too). To find out more and order your copy – click here.

Here’s what staff at the IPA have been talking about this week: In the SMH on Monday Chris Berg said we should just adapt to global warming and in The Drum yesterday he talked about government incompetence. In the Herald Sun on Saturday Alan Moran argued the public service needs to be more productive.

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