Spot the difference game

May 6, 2010

Kevin Rudd’s mining supertax on ‘foreign companies’ has prompted comparisons between him and Hugo Chavez. So as your Rio and BHP shares tank, have a bit of fun and spot the difference:

Question 1 – Neo-liberalism

A) – ‘Neo-liberalism is a dogma of individualism that has led the world to fight like savages against each other’

B) – ‘Neo-liberalism…has been revealed as little more than personal greed dressed up as an economic philosophy…it now falls to social democracy to prevent liberal capitalism from cannibalising itself.’

Question 2 – Climate change

A) – ‘…there are some scientific publications that predict, at the rate in which the planet’s temperature is rising…in 100 years the planet’s temperature will have produced an intense thawing of the ice caps, and a terrible tsunami like the one that devastated the coasts of Asia week ago…’

B) – ‘We gather because the peoples of the world demand that we gather… Each and every one of us here will be judged as individuals. For what we say. For what we do. And for what we fail to do… And whether we have responded in conscience… None of us comes to this conference with clean hands.’

Answers at the bottom.

This is what the IPA said on Sunday about the Henry Tax Review – it’s a grab for more tax. Here and here is the IPA’s Professor Sinclair Davidson on why the mining super tax is a bad idea. But the Canadians are happy about it. If you’re angry about the tax and want to be kept informed of the IPA’s research – click here.

This is a great video doing the rounds that puts President Obama’s budget cuts in perspective. Who thought you could have so much fun with pennies?

The British General Election is tomorrow. And what’s the big story of the last days of the campaign? A vow to abolish the Page 3 Girls of The Sun. (Peta Todd is right on the money!) Chances are Nick Clegg won’t be PM. But in case he is read this piece from Spiked about him.

Here’s what the IPA staff have been talking about this week: Alan Moran in the Herald Sun on the ETS back down. Chris Berg in The Drum on tax history and in the Sunday Age about pigs and capitalism. Me in The Australian Financial Review on the PM’s lack of policy. And finally the piece de resistance – this video of IPA Board member, Michael Kroger on Lateline discussing the failures of the Rudd government.

For those interested in climate change, the 4th International Conference on Climate Change will be taking place in Chicago, Illinois from the 16th until the 18th of May. Additional information can be found here.

Answers: 1A) – Chavez, 1B) – Rudd; 2A) – Chavez, 2B) – Rudd

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