64 bureaucrats, 1 big mistake

June 3, 2010

Remember three weeks ago the IPA’s Professor Sinclair Davidson found the dodgy graph in the budget papers – Treasury ignored G20 countries which weren’t saved by big stimulus packages? Well: we were right!

Treasury put this press release out last night. And they tried again, with all the OECD countries this time.

Well when I say “all the OECD countries” I mean – MOST of the OECD countries. This time they excluded Iceland, Ireland, Hungary and Greece. You want to know why?

It’s because those four countries actually DECREASED government spending during the financial crisis. If you include them: the statistical significance disappears. Again!

But, according to Hansard, SIXTY-FOUR Treasury Officials attended Senate Estimates when Treasury Secretary Ken Henry appeared last Thursday! (You can see the list here, page 5) Including:

Treasury aren’t the only folks stuffing up: Tom Quirk, an IPA board member, took a look at what the CSIRO has been saying about climate change. Guess what – they’ve been ignoring data too! Here’s what Terry McCrann said about it in The Weekend Australian.

It’s not all bad in Iceland. The ‘Best’ party – yep that’s their real name – just won a Reykjavik council election. The party was founded by a comedian. You HAVE to watch their campaign video. (And here’s another really funny campaign video – ‘Vote for Sandwich’. While we’re at it, this one from Alabama is pretty good too.)

Here’s a new paper by the IPA’s Julie Novak spelling out exactly why the super profits mining tax is so bad. And in Friday’s Australian Financial Review, John Roskam wondered why Kevin Rudd was so eager to hurt the mining industry.

Here’s what IPA staff have been talking about this week: In the Sunday Age, I wrote that Facebook was the least of our privacy concerns, and on ABC’s The Drum on Tuesday I looked at asylum seeker policy. And in the Herald Sun on Saturday, Alan Moran said Kevin Rudd’s economics don’t add up.

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