Government says: shish kebab NOT doner kebab for World Cup

June 10, 2010

If you think you can avoid the Nanny State and sit and watch the World Cup with a beer and chips – THINK AGAIN!!

There’s an official British government rulebook on what to eat and drink during the World Cup.

It’s not just the UK. Here in Australia public health bureaucrats want to shut down local sports clubs that sell heavy beer.

While on the beautiful game – this is great from Andrew Bolt and Tim Blair – in Canada, a children’s soccer league has introduced a new rule … a team winning by more than 5 goals forfeits the game!

On less serious subjects. Here and here are last Friday’s newspaper coverage of Treasury admitting they were WRONG – and the IPA’s Professor Sinclair Davidson was RIGHT – Treasury did use a dodgy graph to justify the stimulus package. (We broke this story in Hey… 3 weeks ago.)

Gina Rinehart launched a great new book by Ron Manners – Heroic Misadventures. You can watch her speech from the IPA website – and she talks about Friedrich Hayek! (How many business leaders in Australia have even heard of Hayek – let alone know what he said?) Here’s Ron on the ABC’s Counterpoint a week ago being interviewed about his book.

Incidentally Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom is the top seller at! (That’s the influence of Glenn Beck – on Tuesday night on US TV Beck said Hayek gives a ‘Mike Tyson right hook to socialism’.)

Here’s what IPA staff have been talking about this week: In Tuesday’s Courier Mail, Julie Novak said there is no such thing as the “two-speed economy” justification for the RSPT, and in today’s Australian Financial Review she says that the states need to live within their means. On the ABC’s The Drum on Tuesday, Chris Berg wrote about blockading Gaza.

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