Someone is now $10,625 richer

June 24, 2010

Who said no-one saw this coming? In March a punter bet $2,500 that Gillard would replace Rudd before the election – he’s just won $10,625! At the time Gillard’s people said the punter should have saved his money. Well – that’s their first mistake then.

And Kevin Rudd’s mistake? Thinking he could run Australia like he ran Queensland. This is what a fellow Queenslander wrote three years ago – before Rudd was even elected PM!

And Treasury secretary, Ken Henry will be a happy man. His extraordinary statement – that everyone should be quiet and agree with him – will get lost in the mayhem of Canberra. Well – the IPA won’t be quiet. I said that it’s time for him to quit. Here’s how the ABC’s Lateline and PM reported it. The CIS’s Oliver Hartwich agreed with me.

The IPA has upset the Chief Minister of the ACT! The IPA’s Tim Wilson said that if the ACT deregulated supermarkets, grocery prices would come down. The Chief Minister said this was “nothing but arrant, unadulterated nonsense” – because of course (as we all know) competition makes things more expensive – Riiight!

From the Nanny State files: In Japan, if you’re overweight – you’re breaking the law! And on Monday, Penny Wong refused to rule out forcing internet companies to keep records of every single website we visit! Here’s what the IPA’s Chris Berg had to say about it in ABC’s The Drum last week.

In The Australian today there’s this excellent piece by Professor Tony Makin on the failed policies of the International Monetary Fund. That’s the same IMF that thinks the resources tax is a good idea!

And if you’re looking for some non-Julia Gillard reading here’s some good stuff. Deepak Lal in the Cato Journal on what we now know about the GFC, this from the Hoover Institution’s Policy Review on the ideology of the Tea Party movement, and this from The Wall Street Journal on why Hollywood hates capitalism.

In The Drum on Tuesday, Chris Berg defended economic growth. In the Canberra Times yesterday, Alan Moran wrote that Ken Henry’s mistakes are adding up. And in the latest IPA Review, Ben Hourigan writes that science fiction loves freedom.

PS: Here’s something you can’t miss: The next Liberty Session! It’s on the works of Geoffrey Blainey, at the IPA in Melbourne, July 13 at 5:30pm. RSVP and see videos of previous Liberty Sessions here.

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