It’s not a light globe – it’s a heater that gives off light

October 21, 2010

Here’s more evidence Australians love being told what to do.

Two weeks ago the IPA commissioned Newspoll to ask 1200 people about our electoral system. Here’s what else we found:

We’ve had lots of media on it – here’s our press release and here’s the full data.

This is from the ‘How to Defeat the Nanny State’ files. Siegfried Rotthaeuser sells light globes as heaters to get around the EU ban on incandescent globes. And what’s the answer to schoolkids throwing eggs? Ban ’em of course! (the eggs that is – not the kids.)

This is from the ‘Why Paul Krugman is Wrong’ files. A great piece from the National Review on why someone so smart is so bad. Here’s Salon’s response on Monday.

If you don’t think armed officers from the Australian Federal Police should go around waking up the children of Paul Hogan’s tax adviser don’t miss the Rule of Law Association’s conference in Sydney next month.

My column in Friday’s Financial Review on big government and big business secrecy was controversial. So it’s nice to see the Coalition and the Greens agreeing with me. In today’s Australian there’s a story on another mining tax cover-up.

In Hey in April we said it was outrageous the government was charging you to take a photo – on Monday the case was taken up by The Age.

And the IPA’s research on skyrocketing electricity prices is backed up by this from the International Energy Agency. The cost of electricity on average around the world increased 3.3% – but in Australia for households it increased 13.6%!

Lots of people have asked me how to get the piece on me from The Zone in The Age last week – just click here.

In The Drum on Tuesday, Chris Berg marvelled at capitalism – IKEA-style. And in The Drum on Monday Alan Moran questioned the real cost of climate change policy.

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