US stimulus: Is it working yet?

October 28, 2010

This chart from The Economist shows why President Obama is worried about the US mid-term elections on Tuesday.

Unemployment in America is 9.6%. We knew a year ago the stimulus wouldn’t work.

Need more US politics? – try out some of our favourites: The Daily Beast, Real Clear Politics, and Politico.

In Australia, our former PM only has to deal with shoe-throwers. Here’s the video if somehow you haven’t seen it. In The Punch on Tuesday the IPA’s Julie Novak said the bloke could’ve at least been original and chucked a lamington instead.

Organised crime isn’t all bad. ‘7 Ways the Mafia made the US a better place‘ is from Tuesday’s Huffington Post.

My mention of the new book Mao’s Great Famine: The History of China’s Most Devastating Catastrophe, 1958-1962 three weeks ago provoked a huge response. John Gray had this review of it in New Stateman last month.

When Mao died in 1976 Malcolm Fraser the then PM said in Parliament Mao had ‘secured the basic necessities of life to China’s people.’ Really? And the famine?

Gough Whitlam said ‘the Chinese people…will take renewed inspiration from the memory of his great achievements.’

It’s so bad we thought you’d like to read it for yourself – we’ve put the Hansard up here. As Gerard Henderson has pointed out only one MP spoke against the consensus – and four MPs walked out before the vote.

This week we released new research on why mining is good for the country: ‘Australia’s Resource Future.’

In The Sunday Age, Chris Berg attacked the illusion of safety, and in The Drum on Tuesday he said the Liberals should be wary of economic populism. And on A Current Affair on Tuesday, Tim Wilson said local councils were out of control.

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