Insolvent Ireland Imitates Iceland

November 25, 2010

This is why Ireland’s broke.

This is from the Irish government’s own 140 page ‘National Recovery Plan‘ published yesterday.

It is amazing reading.

Here and here are two good articles on how Ireland got into this mess. Here’s Dan Hannan talking about it in the European Parliament on Tuesday.

This video will cheer you up and genuinely make you laugh. Only in California. And only at a climate change conference. (It’s from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s climate change summit). Go to the 3:40 minute mark.

Since 1998 California’s economy has not produced a single new net job (read this piece to know why). It is also nearly broke. Which is why we should be afraid of anyone saying we should adopt their policies.

In the midst of all this if you’re longing for Margaret Thatcher back you can now go to her nightclub in London. Here’s a review of it.

On a serious note, the New Zealand Business Roundtable has just released an important paper by Professor Wolfgang Kasper, What’s Wrong with Neoclassical Orthodoxy? It explains why Keynesian economists get it wrong so consistently, so often.

In The Drum on Monday Sinclair Davidson said he couldn’t take all the credit for climate scepticism. And in The Drum yesterday Richard Allsop defended The Ashes. In The Sunday Age, Chris Berg talked about theĀ  benefits of marriage.

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