English Civil War – yeah, who cares?

February 3, 2011

Remember how last year Australia didn’t have a government for 17 days? Fat lot of good that did, they still managed to pass as much legislation as ever:

It doesn’t look that bad until you see this graph as well:

The IPA released our annual survey of state government taxes a few weeks ago – it was front page news (literally). South Australia has the highest taxes on business, and Western Australia the lowest – 10% less than South Australia.

If you think the English Civil War was:

arguably just a series of confused and confusing localised squabbles that may have a special significance for UK history, but not for anybody else (unless they like dressing up in period costume)

then you’ll love the National Curriculum! Because that’s what an academic who is one of the architects of Gillard’s history curriculum reckons.

But if you think Australian school students should hear about Charles I and Cromwell – and that you can’t understand the American or French Revolutions without knowing the English had one first, then you’ll agree with the IPA. The controversy is covered on our Foundations of Western Civilisation blog.

There’s been lots of good reading over the last month or so:

And some good videos:

In The Drum on Wednesday, Chris Berg revealed the truth about energy subsidies, and in The Sunday Age he discussed flood levy spin. In The Drum on Tuesday, Sabine Wolff lamented our politicians lack of vision, and on Monday Tom Switzer urged caution on Egypt. And in The Australian Financial Review I questioned the wisdom of the flood levy.

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