Even Superman is ditching the USA

April 28, 2011

Here’s what the media was saying about the Victorian budget this time last year…

But the Victorian budget has – actually – been in deficit for the last two years! Who knew?  

Oh, yeah, the IPA’s Julie Novak did! She’s been a lone voice banging on about Victoria’s spending spree and its ‘unsustainable debt bubble’ for years. Like here, in The Age in 2009. In today’s Australian, Julie explains why – it’s not the financial crisis’ fault that state governments are spending more than ever. Here’s Julie’s new paper on state budgets and how to keep them in check.

We’ve been telling you in Hey for a while now about how much trouble the US economy is in. Well, it’s not just the economy that’s in trouble over there.  Here’s an interesting piece from The Economist last week on what’s wrong with democracy in California. But it just gets worse for America… even Superman has renounced his citizenship.

If you’ve ever needed a great rebuttal to the arguments against international trade (or the arguments for Donald Trump becoming US President) – you need to read this by Scott Lincicome. But hey, at least US citizens are more likely to believe in free trade now than during the Great Depression. 

For the Nanny State files: a town in Massachusetts has finally overturned a ban on public gaming machines after 29 years. And no, I’m not talking about the type of gaming machines that Nick Xenophon doesn’t like – I’m talking about a scourge far worse… Pac Man and Donkey Kong!      

And in case you missed it, one of my favourite Enlightenment philosophers David Hume celebrated his 300th birthday on Tuesday…but I’m sure you had it in your diary already.

Hume is one of the greats of Western Civilisation. Don’t forget that The Genius of Western Civilisation symposium is in Melbourne on 24 June – it’s a magnificent line-up – Andrew Roberts, Peter Craven, John Hirst, Michael Duffy, Giles Auty, John Carroll, Sally Warhaft, Claudio Veliz, Ron Manners, Rabbi Shimon Cowen, Ian Harper, Michael Lawriswky, Greg Melleuish, Paul Forgasz, Richard Allsop, Cassandra Wilkinson, Julie Novak, John Roskam, Jake Niall, David Daintree, and Rod Kemp (and me). Book here.

Here’s some of what the IPA said this week:

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