Guess the most bureaucratic level of government

April 7, 2011

Ever wondered what’s the most bureaucratic level of government?

(The IPA’s Julie Novak crunched the numbers for some new research she’s doing; ‘General public services’ includes administration, regulation, and research – in other words, bureaucracy. The original ABS data is here.)

And no surprise, someone (well … more likely a team of someones) spent many hours writing:

Which countries like the free market the most? Not Australia as it turns out. According to this just released by The Economist magazine, capitalism is less popular here than even Brazil or China.

It’s just getting worse in the US. They’re about to reach the federal government debt limit. If you want to know what this means read this from Tuesday’s The Wall Street Journal. And if you think people are exaggerating the depth of America’s problems, read this letter from US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner.

And this is what everybody’s talking about this week: Alan Greenspan in the Financial Times on why the financial system is more complex than lawmakers and regulators can contemplate. Can anyone disagree with this? Apparently. Peter Hartcher in Tuesday’s Sydney Morning Herald thinks Greenspan could be senile.

Lots of people told me they loved last week’s piece by The Guardian’s George Monbiot on why nuclear power is still the future. He followed it up this week with a piece on our very own doomsayer, Helen Caldicott. It’s a must read.

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Here’s some of what the IPA said this week:

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