Who’d you rather trust – the internet or the government?

May 19, 2011

From John Roskam | Thursday, 19 May 2011

If it’s on the internet, it must be true, right? Apparently not – according to Bill Clinton. The other day he floated the idea of a government agency – but an independent one! – to correct all that misinformation out there. Yes. He did. Really. Lucky no-one thought of it when he was President.

(You saw our homage to George Orwell in last week’s Hey, didn’t you?)

Talking of misinformation on the internet – this story broke overnight. Did General Motors (1/3 owned by American taxpayers) help finance a propaganda movie celebrating 90 years of the Chinese Communist Party? Yes … No … Maybe …

Still confused by last week’s budget? Terry McCrann explained it all on Tuesday in the Herald Sun. Our graph puts the growth of government spending (is it spending or is it revenue?) into perspective.

People love telling me when I’m wrong. And I got this wrong. In my column in The Australian Financial Review in August 2009 I said government renewable energy targets would push up electricity prices by at least 3%. In fact I was out by a factor of two. Paul Kelly in The Australian yesterday pointed out that renewable energy schemes will push household electricity prices up by 6%. 

What is with the internet this week? This proposal to criminalise the hyperlink in Canada is bizarre. Here’s more from our friend Mark Steyn here.   

This is the one article on the IMF and Dominique Strauss-Kahn that you must read. It was in today’s Australian Financial Review by Harold James at Princeton. Oh – and he’s just resigned in case you hadn’t heard.

There’s two very special IPA functions coming up.

This has just been confirmed. On Monday, 20 June in Melbourne the IPA is holding an exclusive event In Defence of Freedom of Speech with special guest Andrew Bolt. Speakers include Paul Howes (yes – the trade union leader), Michael Kroger, Dr David Kemp, and Professor Jim Allan. And we’ve got a specially recorded personal message from Mark Steyn for the event too.

Mark it in your diary – it will start at 6pm. More details soon.

A few days later on Friday, 24 June we’ve got our The Genius of Western Civilisation symposium with British historian Andrew Roberts, and Peter Craven, John Hirst, Michael Duffy, Giles Auty, John Carroll, Sally Warhaft, Greg Melleuish, Ian Harper, and host of other great speakers. Book here.

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