8 bins good, 9 bins better

June 16, 2011

This is a picture of the Nanny State.

It’s from yesterday’s Daily Mail in the UK. It shows the 9 different rubbish bins Newcastle-under-Lyme residents must use. 

It reminds me of this Penn and Teller sketch. It’s not very funny but it shows you how what they laughed about in America in 2007 has come true in Britain in 2011. This in yesterday’s Spectator on the issue is funnier.

This is the best-selling new book everyone in America is talking about – and what you’ll hear much more about – David Mamet’s The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture. Mamet is the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright who wrote Glengarry Glen Ross, the script for The Verdict and the screenplay for The Untouchables.

Mamet was a ‘liberal’ (in the American sense) and then he wrote this famous piece, ‘Why I am no longer a brain dead liberal’ in 2008 in The Village Voice.

The reaction has been furious. This is the review in last week’s LA Times – and last Saturday’s Washington Post, ‘We read so you don’t have to…’ Here’s a slightly less angry review in The Wall Street Journal.

Read for yourself what Mamet says in his interview last weekend with Hugh Hewitt – it’s long (nearly 13,000 words) but worth it.

This piece by Greg Sheridan in today’s The Australian on Ross Garnaut, climate change, and democracy is devastating. If you care about any or all of these three things you must read it.

Yesterday the IPA was accused on The Punch website of being ‘sexist’ because we use the ‘gendered’ term Nanny State. At first I thought the article was a joke. The IPA’s Julie Novak assured me that it wasn’t – this is her response published today.

Our ‘Freedom of Speech in Australia’ function with Andrew Bolt in Melbourne on Monday is now BOOKED OUT. If you’ve missed out don’t worry – we’ll be putting footage up on the web. 

There are still spots for our Genius of Western Civilisation symposium next week and bookings are open for our President Vaclav Klaus functions in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Here’s more of what the IPA said this week:

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