California Dreamin’

June 2, 2011

From John Roskam | Thursday, 2 June 2011

This week everyone’s been talking about The Economist’s cover story on Australia. Read it hereThe Economist thinks Australia can be like California. Well…I hope not! Here and here is what we’ve previously told you about the basketcase Californian economy. (And I’m not sure Quentin Bryce wants to star in a movie as a murderous cyborg sent back through time.)

Both the IPA’s Professor Sinclar Davidson on the Catallaxy Files and the Herald Sun’s Terry McCrann had a good take on all the things The Economist got wrong.

If you haven’t looked at the stockmarket today – don’t. It’s linked to bad economic figures from the US overnight. But at least the number of limousines owned by the US government is growing.

You’ve got to read this by Conrad Black in this month’s edition of Standpoint. It’s on the Canadian election and Michael Ignatieff, who recently led the most successful democratic party in the world to the ‘brink of extinction’. (Ha, Canada – I still can’t get over the whole banned hyperlink thing.) 

And while healthists want to sack Ronald McDonald – the US government is giving primary school children raw onions to eat. Yes. Really. It’s supposed to be a ‘snack’.

Lastly, apparently the IPA is getting too much publicity for our views on free markets, personal choice, and smaller government. Here’s former union official and now superannuation supremo Garry Weaven in yesteday’s Sydney Morning Herald saying people shouldn’t donate to the IPA because…we’re a bit sceptical about climate change…ouch!

Here’s some of what the IPA said this week:

And you can book here for our Freedom of Speech function on 20 June with Andrew Bolt, here for our Genius of Western Civilisation symposium on 24 June, here to see Vaclav Klaus in Perth on July 22 and here to see him in Sydney July 25. Melbourne, Brisbane, and Canberra dates coming soon.

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