The carboncrats are already here

July 21, 2011

As the IPA’s Tim Wilson said in The Australian on Saturday, it’s a great time to be a public servant.

The IPA has calculated the green bureaucrats employed by state governments:

This recruitment pamphlet for the Canberra public service from 1973 will make you laugh.

Apparently 60% of economists support the carbon tax. Is that like the 364 economists who attacked Margaret Thatcher in 1981? I explained it all in my column last Friday in the Australian Financial Review.

Why do the people who want the carbon tax the most know the least about it? Here’s how much Green supporters know.

No sooner did we tell you about Hugh Grant’s dreams of regulating the media last week, then our very own Bob Brown has called for it too. This piece from Tim Blair about it is hilarious. Brendan O’Neill also had a great response to the ‘Murdochphobia’ that has consumed the media and many politicians.

Remember when Chris Berg told you in 2007 how local councils were making it impossible to host a street party? Well, even I was surprised to learn how bad things have gotten in the US state of Georgia – three teenage girls had their lemonade stand shut down last week – by the police!

President Vaclav Klaus arrives in Australia tomorrow, and he was featured in The Australian this morning. His Perth address is already booked out but you can still book for functions in Sydney on 25 July, Canberra on 26 July, Melbourne on 28 July and Brisbane on 1 August. If you’re in Sydney – the Centre for Independent Studies is hosting a lunch with Paul Wolfowitz on 2 August.

And the IPA is excited to be sponsoring the Spectator Australia climate change debate between Lord Nigel Lawson, Ian Plimer and Gary Johns, against John Hewson, Mark Latham and Benjamin McNeil– details here. If you haven’t seen it already, here is Christopher Monckton debating Richard Denniss from the Australia Institute at the National Press Club on Tuesday.

Here’s more of what the IPA said this week:

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