What is a ‘benchmark average auction charge?’

July 29, 2011

From John Roskam | Thursday, 28 July 2011

What does it take for a government to create a ‘green industrial revolution‘? 718 pages of legislation and 454 pages of explanation, apparently (with many more pages to come, no doubt). That’s what’s in the carbon tax legislation released this afternoon in Canberra.

We’ll all have to get used to things like:

Am I the only person that finds it ironic Australia has a ‘Minister for Deregulation‘?

Depressed? This will either depress you more or make you laugh (or both). It’s 9 reasons why in 1963 Australia couldn’t appoint as woman as a trade commissioner. It follows from this advertisement in Hey last week seeking women to move to Canberra.

Even Michael Barone in The Age today acknowledges President Obama’s budget is designed to make the US more like Europe. And if you’re that worried about the US debt, make a donation.

The 55,000 Australians who identified their religion as ‘Jedi’ in the last census have been warned!  This year’s census won’t count Jedi as a religion.

Miranda Devine in today’s Daily Telegraph has this coverage about the speech of President Klaus in Sydney on Monday night. And here is his speech at the National Press Club in Canberra on Tuesday.  His speech in Melbourne tonight is booked out but there are still spots left for his lunchtime address in Brisbane on Monday – book here.

And if you’re in Sydney on August 1, the CIS is presenting their Big Ideas Forum 2011 at the Grand Lodge, Sydney Masonic Centre. This year’s theme is political correctness. Thilo Sarrazin, Janet Albrechtsen, James Allan (James had this great piece in The Australian today) and Brendan O’Neill are the speakers. For more information and bookings click here.  

And the IPA’s Chris Berg will be in Sydney for the Intelligence Squared Australia debate on 16 August discussing the topic ‘Do we need a Nanny State?’ Click here to book your place. And there are still tickets available for the Spectator Australia climate change debate with Lord Nigel Lawson – more details here

Here’s more of what the IPA said this week:

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