I love my iPhone, but…

October 27, 2011

From John Roskam | Thursday, 27 October 2011

I love my iPhone…but Steve Jobs was no Edison. Or the guy who invented the shipping container. And how come everyone loves Jobs but hates Bill Gates?

As Robin Hanson said a few weeks ago, Jobs’ career advice in his famous 2005 Stanford speech was terrible.

And how can the guy who donated to Nancy Pelosi then also complain to Barack Obama that over-regulation is killing American business?  Cognitive dissonance was the least of Jobs’ problems according to Maureen Dowd in yesterday’s New York Times. It’s the article everyone’s talking about.

When the carbon tax passed the House of Representatives Bob Brown said ‘This today is a world-leading outcome.’ Seems no-one told the President.

Australia’s ‘world-leading outcome’ has been ignored in the 29 statements, 78 media releases, and 11 press briefings made by President Obama since the tax was passed. Maybe the Fall Gardens and Grounds Tours of the White House are more important.

I had this to say in my Australian Financial Review column last Friday about all those business leaders complaining that Tony Abbott will repeal the carbon tax – BAD LUCK! If you don’t like democracy move to Russia.

In last week’s Washington Post Anne Applebaum had one of the best takes on the Occupy ‘movement’.  Why do protesters complain about the lack of power by national governments and then call for ‘global’ solutions? And as the IPA’s Julie Novak said today in Online Opinion the protesters shouldn’t hate banks. This clever cartoon sums up Occupy Wall Street versus The Tea Party.

If you haven’t already seen it the minutes of the Occupy Melbourne General Assembly are very funny – the stuff on group hugs is hilarious.

Tomorrow in Melbourne I’m launching Entrepreneurship in the Catholic Tradition. It couldn’t come at a better time in light of the statement in support of the Occupy ‘movement’ from the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. (When you see ‘Justice’ and ‘Peace’ in a title be afraid.) On Monday Sam Gregg at the Acton Institute had a brilliant response in The National Review. Details of tomorrow’s launch here.

We’ve uploaded some great new videos to our Western Civilisation symposium page. Click here to watch Sally Warhaft, Peter Craven, John Carroll and many more.

The great Frank Furedi is talking on a really important topic – freedom of speech for The Centre for Independent Studies in Melbourne on 17 November and in Sydney on 15 November. RSVP here.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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