Nanny state stomps on dead donkey

October 20, 2011

From John Roskam | Thursday, 20 October 2011

Last week we told you about the EU stopping kids from blowing up balloons.

This week there’s another example of the Nanny State gone wild. What’s the world come to when a thirteen year old can’t drive a broken ute, while towing a dead donkey with a loaded rifle in the front passenger seat?

Running a worm farm is much safer. Which is why the Australian government has a website on it. Apparently worms make great pets.

Jared Diamond’s 2005 book Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed was an international bestseller. His story of how what happened on Easter Island could happen to us if we don’t stop being capitalist, consumerist, corporatist etc was all the rage, from The New Yorker, The Guardian plus of course Tim Flannery, who called it ‘probably the most important book you’ll ever read’.

But – what Diamond said about Easter Island was wrong!  Which the IPA pointed out at the time.  A new book explains what really happened.  Guess what…it wasn’t climate change…This review in the Wall Street Journal in July and this week’s The Times Literary Supplement have more detail.

It’s Freedom of Speech week in America. Meanwhile in Australia a judge has decided what you will read in the Herald Sun next week.

It’s soon going to be that time of year again…when you decide what books to buy yourself for Christmas.  Max Hastings has a new book on the Second World War – All Hell Let Loose: the World at War (1939-45).  There have been many reviews of it – this one from New Statesman (yes – the New Statesman) two weeks ago is the best.

Videos from our recent Genius of Western Civilisation symposium are now online. Click here to watch speeches from Chris Berg, Andrew Roberts, Greg Melleuish and John Hirst. We’ll be uploading a new video each day for the next week – if you can’t wait till next Thursday to see them then follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook to get our daily updates.

In November the IPA will welcome George Weigel, the biographer of Pope John Paul II to Australia. We’re hosting a free lunch for IPA members ($30 for non-members) on Tuesday 15 November at the Sofitel Melbourne on Collins. Email Rachel Leigh at [email protected] for further details and to reserve your place. Weigel had this fascinating article on the ABC’s Religion and Ethics portal recently. On 28 October we’re helping to launch Father Anthony Percy’s Entrepreneurship in the Catholic Tradition with Connor Court Publishing. Details here.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:


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