When the government bets your money – and loses…

October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs died today. The co-founder of Apple, who put computers on the desks of millions, was one of the greatest entrepreneurs the world has ever seen. Here and here are some great pieces showing how he made his money selling people products they really wanted, at prices they could afford. We talked about Apple becoming the biggest IT company in the world in Hey… in September last year.

Ponder this graph from America.


Maybe its because a couple of the President’s bets haven’t paid off lately. Like his half a billion dollar bet on a now famous renewable energy company called Solyndra. Here’s what the White House said about it in this one minute video from May 2010. Here’s what Chris Berg said about it in The Sunday Age last week. Here’s what Utah Senator Mike Lee said about it on Tuesday. I said this about renewable energy companies back in 2009.

Arnie loved Solyndra too. Michael Lewis has this great piece on the dream that once was California in the November Vanity Fair. And in the October edition there was of course ‘The Convictions of Conrad Black’ which was good reading.

Last week I told you how we wanted to publish a statement in support of freedom of speech. It appeared yesterday in The Australian. Over 1200 donated to it. This is the latest on what the IPA has said about freedom of speech.

And you thought there were no libertarians in Hollywood? You were wrong! Janine Turner was the star of Northern Exposure. And here’s her great piece in the Washington Examiner on how actors hate capitalism.

The full BBC serialization of Vasily Grossman’s Life and Fate with Kenneth Branagh is now online.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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