You’ll never guess what the EU is banning now!

October 13, 2011

From John Roskam | Thursday, 13 October 2011

I love it when millionaires demand the rest of us pay more tax. Now merchant banker Mark Carnegie wants the top 15% of taxpayers to pay 15% more tax – which is basically anyone earning $80,000 or more. (Average Australian earnings are $69,000 per year.)


(We borrowed the idea for this graph from the Heritage Foundation who did the same for America a few days ago.) Janet Albrechtsen had a great takedown of Carnegie’s idea in The Australian yesterday.

Here’s probably our best Nanny State story EVER! The European Union wants to ban kids blowing up balloons. It’s so stupid there’s nothing more to say.

I’m sure you know the carbon tax passed the House of Representatives yesterday. Try the IPA carbon tax calculator here to find out how much more you’ll pay for electricity.

You can watch the IPA’s Professor Bob Carter discuss climate science on The Bolt Report on Sunday here. And Senator Ron Boswell recently delivered this important speech at the IPA on the costs of the carbon tax and renewable energy targets.

If you want to know why we should be ‘sceptical’ about claims of environmental vandalism read Jennifer Marohasy from Monday’s Online Opinion about the real story of chemicals and the Great Barrier Reef.

All they’re talking about in the United States this week is the Occupy Wall Street movement. In the Sunday Age Chris Berg explained why comparisons with the Arab uprisings are ridiculous. Here’s a pretty funny video shot by Reason of the protestors, in their own words.

The latest economics Nobel prize winners deserved it: Ed Glaeser on Bloomberg on Tuesday says Thomas Sargent and Christopher Sims “Saved Macroeconomics After Keynes.”

And in Newsweek on Monday historian Niall Ferguson explained why Steve Jobs could have only succeeded in a free country like America.

If you’re in Sydney, you should try to get to Thought Broker’s ‘Battle of The Think Tanks’ featuring the IPA’s Tim Wilson and the CIS’ Oliver Hartwich against speakers from Per Capita and the Centre for Policy Development. It’s on Saturday 12 November – details here.

And the IPA is growing and hiring. If you’ve ever thought it would be fun to work at the IPA (or know someone who would like to) we’re looking for a brilliant person to work with John Lloyd in our new Work Reform and Productivity Unit.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:


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