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November 17, 2011

From John Roskam

Here’s a quick quiz.

Guess the three countries where people live the longest on a government pension. (Clue: 2 of the 3 are about to go broke.)

Michael Lewis, whose pieces on the Europe disaster we’ve previously told you about (on Greece, Germany and California), has a new book reviewed in Forbes.

Paul Krugman is at it again. In the New York Times last week, he said the Euro project ‘was cheered on by American right wingers’. He didn’t quote any, so we did a survey. Milton Friedman hated it. The Heritage Foundation was opposed. The American Enterprise Institute was sceptical. And the Cato Institute didn’t love it either. As Chris Berg said in August, it was technocrats that caused the Euro disaster. So what does the Guardian think will fix it? You guessed it – more technocrats!

Remember how we pointed out a few weeks ago that Barack Obama had not mentioned Australia’s ‘world-leading’ carbon tax? Well, he finally did yesterday upon arrival in Australia. (He must be one of our regular Hey readers). Greg Combet says the White House ‘expressed a lot of interest in what we have done’ – just not publicly I guess!

Surprise, surprise! The end of Communism means the world is more peaceful and prosperous. That’s the totally unexpected finding of Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker in his controversial new book, The Better Angels of our Nature. Read his interview with The Economist last week or watch him talk to Reason TV. And then read left-wing philosopher John Gray in Prospect who thinks Pinker is wrong.

This week IPA researchers Julie Novak and Asher Judah released an important report on how Australia’s health system could be $4 billion cheaper if we had more productivity. The report is here.

On Thursday 24 November in Melbourne we are launching Professor Ian Plimer’s new book, How to get expelled from school, the sequel to his best-selling Heaven and Earth. It’s also our end of year celebration for members and friends of the IPA. RSVP and full details here. (There will be other launches around Australia in the coming weeks – details available soon).

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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