A truly historic ‘Hey’

December 15, 2011

From John Roskam

Historically, the history of international climate negotiations has been…historic. How do we know?  Because the media and politicians say so:

The IPA’s Tim Wilson was in Durban. Read his historic take on history in the making in The Australian and The Australian Financial Review.

Here’s something that truly is historic. The IPA is bringing Dan Hannan and Mark Steyn to Australia in February. Next week in Hey I’ll tell you how you can book for their public events.

To get you in the mood here’s Hannan in the European Parliament a few days ago on the real meaning of Fiscal Union. Warning – it’s very funny. And here’s Steyn on Friday about Obama’s Kansas speech. Also funny.

The best two recent pieces on Europe are Niall Ferguson last Friday, and Boris Johnson on Monday. Imagine Boris as PM! Toby Young did in this piece in the UK Spectator.

Here’s something to tell your lefty, sandal-wearing, bearded uncle at the family Christmas Party when he comes out with ‘the Occupy Movement speaks for us all!’ No it doesn’t. Not according to this new Gallup poll in America released a few days ago.

It’s the end of the year – you know what that means – lots of lists! Here’s The Economist’s best books of 2011.

And the best book I read this year? Norman Stone’s The Atlantic and its Enemies: A Personal History of the Cold War. How could you not read a book reviewed with this headline – ‘I’m not a nasty person‘.

Last week the IPA’s new monthly email digest of our Foundations of Western Civilisation Program went out to IPA members. To read it and to learn about Tacitus click here.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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