The French Connection

February 2, 2012

From John Roskam

Hey’s back!

Here’s the three things you’ve missed over the holidays and you must read:

2012 will also be a big year for freedom of speech.

Last year the government media regulator banned people from calling public servants “scumbags that run around preying on productive people” and they’re still investigating Alan Jones for having too many climate sceptics on his show.

Now, I’m not one to say ‘I told you so’… but…I told you so. They’re investigating whether Clarke and Dawe on ABC can make jokes about Christians. How will the left react now the joke’s on the other foot? (We think the regulator should be abolished). Here’s some funny Clarke and Dawe.

If you’re reading Hey in the bath, STOP! Who’d have thought using a laptop in the bath is ‘potentially unsafe behaviour’? So this ad had to be banned.

Is it any surprise Australia has plummeted down the international press freedom rankings, below those bastions of individual freedom Mali and Niger?

This is why we’re bringing free speech warrior Mark Steyn to Australia this year. There’s still time to RSVP to hear Mark defend freedom of speech in Melbourne on Monday 27 February, Sydney on Wednesday 29 February and Brisbane on Friday 2 March.

If anyone can explain the purpose of this regulation, I’ll be very impressed.

These are my three favourite Republican presidential ads so far – Rick Perry with a sense of humour, Herman Cain’s chief of staff smokes a cigarette (yes, really!), and Jon Huntsman’s daughters respond to Cain’s ad. (And this classic – where else but America does speaking French disqualify you from public office? It should I reckon! That’s what worries me most about Mitt Romney.)

And here’s a quiz – what has a greater impact on global temperatures? Carbon dioxide emissions…or global debt?

Don’t forget to RSVP for Daniel Hannan’s tour, the British member of European Parliament and the guy Fox News says will be Prime Minister. He’s speaking about the future of democracy in the West in Sydney on Tuesday 21 February, and liberty in America and Europe in Melbourne on Friday 24 February.

And just because Hey has taken a break doesn’t mean we have been slacking off. Here’s everything we’ve been doing to fight for freedom since you last heard from us:

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