The most sensible thing The Age has ever said

February 9, 2012

From John Roskam

It’s been another big week for the Nanny State. Let’s ban cheeseburgers in colourful packaging, solariums (are we still the sunburnt country?), and going down a river in a rubber tube in Laos. Read this from The Age yesterday on South-East Asia versus Australia – ‘We love talking about our freedom over here – heck, we go to war in its name – but when real freedom presents itself, it’s suddenly way too scary.’

(Is that the most sensible thing you’ve ever seen written in The Age?)

And look what happens when governments take away street signs.

Here’s something that’s slipped under the radar. Soon you won’t have the freedom to use the internet without paying a tax. The Gillard government’s ‘media convergence’ review wants to levy a tax on you and internet companies to give local art and culture more money (page 10). So that we get more taxpayer-funded art like this.

Remember when your parents told you not to do something and it made you want to do it even more? Enjoy the 6 most counterproductive public service announcements of all time.

Two news websites were launched this week. Americans got The Washington Free Beacon. Australians got The Global Mail, which gave us…wait for it…three articles on the Occupy Movement. Read this interesting piece from the Beacon about how Watergate, Vietnam, and Woodstock gave us today’s media. It explains a lot. And this is Andrew’s Bolt’s take on The Global Mail.

Make sure that before you talk about the future of the manufacturing industry in Australia or the US you’ve read this in last weekend’s The New York Times by Christina Romer (who used to be President Obama’s chief economics adviser).

Don’t watch the Super Bowl – just watch the ads. This was the best ad this year and this is rated the best ever.

Only a few more sleeps until Mark Steyn gets to Australia. Register here to see him in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane. But Dan Hannan gets here first. Sign up here to see him in Melbourne or Sydney after you’ve read his great piece in the December edition of Standpoint on why the European Union is less democratic than the German Democratic Republic.

Connor Court have a new book out on Social Justice and all that’s wrong with it  Right Social Justice: better ways to help the poor – with IPA people like Asher Judah, Sinclair Davidson and Julie Novak in it.

And next Monday at 9.30pm on ABC, our very own Tim Wilson will be appearing on Q&A, so tune in if you can.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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