What do 13 year olds think about the IPA?

February 16, 2012

From John Roskam

The Obama Administration wants to introduce a ‘global minimum tax‘ to reduce investment competition between countries. I would’ve thought a ‘global maximum expenditure ceiling’ was more in order.

Australia could do with a maximum tax on businesses. Here is the IPA’s Julie Novak’s research on the taxes state governments levy on business. All her research is here.

“Un pequeno paso para el hombre” is “one small step for man” in Spanish (according to Google Translate) which you might want to remember given Hugo Chavez reckons he’s putting a Venezuelan on Mars. I’m not convinced…socialists have a history of choking in space races.

Speaking of totalitarian, this is just scary. London is trialling electronic bracelets for ‘alcohol offenders’.

Hard to believe…but this week the IPA upset a few people. Here’s some of the reaction to Tim Wilson’s appearance on the ABC’s Q&A on Monday (after you click the link, scroll down to the third entry on February 13). Were these dozen tweets about the IPA from a 13 year old or a senior ABC journalist? What will the 13 year old tweet about when they see Dan Hannan, who the IPA is bringing to Australia, on Q&A on Monday???

Meanwhile The Australian Financial Review has been deluged with letters bagging my piece last Friday about how Australia should not bail out Greece. Funny how everyone’s now agreeing with me.

You should read this great piece by Brendan O’Neill on what is wrong with foreign aid and this…well…interesting letter to British PM Miliband in 2024.

And we don’t normally do this, but apparently Chris Berg was wrong! He said in the Sunday Age last month that life in North Korea is pretty unpleasant. But an Australian academic says it is actually a paradise – everyone even has a mobile phone! And the night life rivals “New York, Tokyo and Beijing.”

We warned you! Mark Steyn’s Melbourne and Brisbane events are BOOKED OUT! Sydney has just a few seats left.

Dan Hannan’s events in Melbourne and Sydney still have a small number of seats available. To get you in the mood, watch his powerful (and hilarious) speech at CPAC in America earlier this week.

Finally, renewing your IPA membership (and joining in the first place) is easier than ever by visiting our website.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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