Fellow Earthians…

March 29, 2012

From John Roskam

It’s Wayne Swan versus the IPA. A few hours ago Swan attacked the IPA’s Tim Wilson for criticising Swan’s rant in the Monthly as dumb and hypocritical based on media reports. Surprise, surprise! Tim was right. (And here’s what Tim actually said.)

Ever wondered what $25 million of taxpayer-funded government advertising buys you? Nothing. That’s how much (at least) the Gillard government spent on advertising for the carbon tax.

According to this exclusive poll taken for the IPA last weekend there’s almost no change in public attitudes on climate change in two years – if anything Australians are slightly more sceptical.

New York City has banned mentions of dinosaurs, birthdays, and dancing in school tests. They might cause ‘unpleasant emotions’.

Bob Brown’s 3rd Annual Green Oration would have given me unpleasant emotions…if it wasn’t so spectacularly hilarious. Chairman Bob kicks off with ‘Fellow Earthians’. (Make yourself laugh on a Thursday afternoon and read it.)

You’ll of course know Australia recently joined the likes of Iran and North Korea on the Reporters Without Borders watchlist because of the government’s plan for internet censorship. Soon we’ll have people going to jail for drunken racist tweets…like in England.

While we’re on North Korea – this could have come from the DPRK government. But – it came from ours. The innovators at Australia Post have come up with a ‘Digital Mailbox‘. You mean like email? And ever wondered who invented email attachments?

There’s no such thing as bad publicity – just ask Etch-A-Sketch. Last week its share price tripled – click here to find out why.

If you like electricity, you’ll want to take part in Tim Blair’s hilarious 2012 Hour of Power this weekend.

Finally – the wait is nearly over…for the next instalment of Robert Caro’s monumental biography of LBJ.

If you’re in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane come to one of the launches of Right Social Justice: better ways to help the poor – a new book edited by Gary Johns. And those in Adelaide should come to the launch of Jeff Bennett’s new book Little Green Lies: Twelve Environmental Myths.

Yesterday the IPA released the fourth instalment of Horizons – Melvyn Bragg on the King James Bible.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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