It’s morally wrong to employ homeless people

March 22, 2012

From John Roskam

I thought feeding the homeless and giving them a job would be a good thing. Apparently not if the food is too salty or the job is to walk around at a music festival with Wi-Fi gear strapped to their back. These stories provoked howls of outrage in the US.

This is the other debate in the US at the moment. It’s tough being a 3-year-old in a wheelchair at an American airport these days.

You’ve heard how the Commonwealth government is spending half a billion dollars a year on consultants. It’s not as if there aren’t enough public servants already.

Elle Macpherson might be the body, but she might not have a brain. She loves Obama because “I’m socialist. What do you expect?

The IPA’s recent visitor to Australia Dan Hannan has this great speech on the Anglosphere he made in Canada a few weeks ago. Watch it and then read this fantastic piece in the City Journal from January. It mentions this ridiculous Tom Friedman article in the New York Times from a few years ago.

Talking about China, this is the number you NEED TO KNOW – 660 million people out of poverty thanks to capitalism since the early 1980s.

But that doesn’t mean the Chinese can play soccer.

Mamma Mia! Italian unions represent more retirees than workers. Who said unions were outdated?

And apparently Chimpanzees have police!

And from the Nanny State files – kids banned from having ‘best friends‘.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:


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