Naomi Wolf backs the IPA

March 15, 2012

From John Roskam

Productivity is important – but it’s not everything – as Professor Sinclair Davidson says in a new IPA research paper released on Monday. It’s better to focus on lower taxes and less regulation to improve profitability.

Booming productivity in Ireland didn’t help the primary school teachers who copped a 20% pay cut in 2009. And you must read this short piece from Theodore Dalrymple in the City Journal on Ireland. 5% of the country’s working age population have emigrated in the last 2 years. Then read Michael Lewis on Ireland in Vanity Fair last year. It is absolutely fascinating.

The IPA has been going hard on the Finkelstein report of media regulation. I called it ‘totalitarian‘ in my Australian Financial Review column. Malcolm Turnbull went on Lateline that night and it was a ‘very dishonest effort‘. I was being soft! Naomi Wolf (yes – that Naomi Wolf – of Occupy Wall Street fame) called the Finkelstein report ‘step one to fascism‘ in Sydney the other day. Here’s a professor in The Age yesterday who thinks I’m getting carried away.

Still…credit where it’s due. Bob Brown had this great media release on freedom of speech…from 2001. How times change. A decade on he’s welcoming media censorship. (Guess how many times freedom of speech is mentioned?)

Remember the most sensible thing The Age has ever said from Hey in February? – it was a huge hit. This is another must-read from the same guy yesterday.

This video about compulsory embalming rooms is hilarious. And this is what I call interesting – The Economist three weeks ago on Linsanity, and why China will never produce a great team player.

If you like The West Wing you’ll like this on the Sorkinization of politics.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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