“G’Day sport!” Oops…off to the Court of Human Rights

March 1, 2012

From John Roskam

The Greens want a super-profits tax on banks, and so do 59% of Australians. But just how profitable are our banks? This was in The Australian Financial Review a week ago. Where’s the super-profits tax on websites that sell things? Will the Greens call for a super-profits tax on their largest donor?

I promise. I did not make this up. And I did not pay this guy to do this to coincide with the IPA Mark Steyn Freedom of Speech Australia Tour 2012. Guess why Aussie Geoff Stephens from Kent in England is taking the local council where he worked to the European Court of Human Rights?

(After you’ve read it and stopped shaking your head in disbelief – read this also from The Sun. It’s almost as hilarious as Geoff Stephens.) And what’s funnier? Something being spilled on a real world leader, or a fake world leader spilling something on someone else?

Here’s some good news on free speech. Last week the UK media regulator concluded that Jeremy Clarkson didn’t literally mean people should be murdered when he said striking public servants should be shot. He was joking.

The IPA has launched our Repeal 18C campaign. That’s the section of the Racial Discrimination Act used against Andrew Bolt. Sign up here. And here’s our press release on the Coalition’s proposed amendments.

The upcoming Mark Steyn events in Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide are sold out but you can hear Mark with Alan Jones from yesterday here. And he’s on Q&A with ‘Australian of the Year’ Geoffrey Rush on Monday night.

All of last week’s Dan Hannan events were sold out too. But if you missed him you must watch his brilliant speech in Melbourne last Friday. It’s 25 minutes long. Now you’ve discovered Hannan read his blog here – and what he thought about Australia.

If you like history, last month’s edition of Standpoint had a really good piece by Michael Burleigh on the best history books of the last 60 years. Here’s the full list published by History Today at the end of last year. And you can read last month’s edition of Horizons the journal of the IPA’s Foundations of Western Civilisation Program here. It’s all about one of Dan Hannan’s big themes – the Anglosphere.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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