Paleo diet can send you to the big house

April 26, 2012

From John Roskam

Who do Nanny State taxes hit the hardest? The poor, of course.

Here is the IPA’s Julie Novak’s latest research on who pays the most Nanny State taxes and the press release.

On the subject of the IPA’s cutting edge research, in my column in the Australian Financial Review in January I said compulsory superannuation should be abolished. I got attacked for it. Funny then how a few weeks ago the person who invented compulsory superannuation came out and basically agreed with me!

This is from today’s Australian Financial Review on how everyone has been saying there should be transparency in superannuation. Ha! The IPA’s Louise Staley wrote a major report about greater transparency in superannuation TWO YEARS ago!

Ever stood in the rain at 2am waiting for a cab? This fascinating long article from next month’s Atlantic magazine explains why you should blame the government.

In North Carolina, your Paleo diet could send you to jail. Reason Magazine explains.

We’ve got two videos about America for you today. You’ll LOVE this serious one. And this is your Thursday afternoon bludge – the best Obama-eats-dogs gags on the internet.

Last Sunday was the 50th anniversary of Rachel Carson’s Silent Springthis is from the Washington Times last week on why we shouldn’t be celebrating.

Fitting then, that a few days later, the man who invented the ‘Gaia theory’ should admit that he (and Al Gore…and Tim Flannery) was actually a climate alarmist. And just for a laugh, here is the IPA Review’s cover story on Tim from June 2011.

Even if you’ve missed out on seeing James Delingpole (his events have completely sold out), you can still read about what he thinks of Australia – it’s not pretty.

Talking about not pretty, as Dan Hannan explains in this great blog post, it doesn’t matter who wins the French election. And I bet you didn’t know that 4 out of the 10 candidates were Trotskyists!

And I reckon this is really funny. From the BBC yesterday – the Euro crisis as a soap opera.

It’s not quite a soap opera for the Ex-PM of Iceland who was found guilty this week of not meeting with his cabinet during the GFC (in like, a real court and everything).

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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