Well, then why is English food so bad?

April 12, 2012

From John Roskam

Last week’s Hey was one of the most popular ever because of Tyler Cowen’s explanation for why American food is so bad. I guess we’ve all been wondering! Here’s two more reviews of his book, one positive, and one hostile, from the New York Times.

So then why is English food so bad? Paul Krugman famously offered his explanation that free markets and the industrial revolution are to blame! Cowen agrees. But in this fascinating series of posts here, here and here, the food historian Rachel Laudan says they’re both wrong. The IPA’s Chris Berg talked about Laudan’s research in praise of commercial and industrial food in the Sunday Age last year.

Never forget that food is serious business. A Spanish town has banned slurping soup too loudly and speaking with food in your mouth. No, seriously, they have.

But there’s good news in the world. The new Queensland premier, Campbell Newman, has done one of the best things a state government has done in the last few weeks: scrapped a literary prize! It’s unleashed a bizarre torrent of grief, and some truly weird arguments. Like the one between The Australian columnists George Megalogenis and Henry Ergas about whether the GST take will decline as a result. The IPA’s Sinclair Davidson sums it up.

In specially-commissioned IPA research, tax expert Bryan Pape explains why the carbon tax is more than just unpopular and unnecessary, it’s unconstitutional too! Here’s how it was reported in the National Times and Herald Sun. You’ll remember Bryan from his constitutional challenge against the Rudd government’s stimulus package.

Last year, the English writer Christopher Snowdon described Australia as the world’s leader in Nanny State measures. Well now we’re becoming known for our limits on freedom of speech! Here’s Hal G.P. Colebatch in the American Spectator on the Australian government’s war against free press and the internet.

That’s why defending free speech is more important now than ever. Please, sign up to the IPA or donate to the IPA’s new Freedom of Speech Fighting Fund today to help us protect your liberties.

The video of Mark Steyn’s speech on why freedom of speech is so important is now available, as is the panel discussion he did with myself, Janet Albrechtsen and Tom Switzer. Also available are some articles from our upcoming IPA Review, including David Kemp on the enemies of free speech and Peter Gregory on how in Cambodia the free market is the best weapon against poverty, a claim also recently made by the World Bank.

The IPA is bringing Author James Delingpole to Australia! Don’t miss your chance to see him. He will be in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. If you think that’s exciting, The Hon. Tony Abbott MP will be speaking in Melbourne on the 27th of April. For more details on these events or to book visit www.ipa.org.au/events.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:


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